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Ashinari Photo Material is a gallery for the collection of photos taken by amateur photographers that you may use for FREE, for both PERSONAL and BUSINESS purposes.

You may use the photos found in [Ashinari Photo Material] for various purposes; from personal uses (personal websites, blog templates, etc) to business uses (business websites, campaign pages, etc). Of course, you may also use our photos for other media such as for TV or print media.

When using [Ashinari Photo material] there's no need for you to be troubled by the following:

  • Not having the budget to use royalty free or rights managed photographs.
  • Not being able to use the photos for business purposes or having to buy the license for it.
  • Having to go through the trouble to ask for permission to use the photos.
  • Having to link back to the website or give proper attributions when you use the photos.

To use the photos found in [Ashinari Photo Material] there's no need for you to ask for permission, give attributions to our photographers or link back to our website. Please feel free to use our photos for various purposes.

What is special about Ashinari

[Ashinari Photo Material] is inspired by Japanese related materials. Nostalgic scenes, charming sceneries, we have a lot of photos that would allow you to experience the forgotten parts of Japan. For those who have not visited Japan , these photos might allow you to feel the ambiance of Japan.

We have a wide range of genre so we are confident we could meet the various needs of our users.

Our Photographers

The photographers of [Ashinari Photo Material] are amateurs, not professionals. While some of the photos showcased here might not be of high quality, we feel that they show a lot of personality and emotions of the individual photographers.

Different photographers have different dispositions and techniques for taking photographs, so even when the photo subjects are the same, the resulting photos would be very different. We feel that this is one of the charms of [Ashinari Photo Material]

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