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Ashinari allows you to leave a comment on each of the available photos, just like a blog.

If you used one of our photos or if there is a photo you like, please leave a comment on the photo. This is not a must, but our photographers would be very happy to hear your thoughts and comments on their photos.

Submit a Comment

The comment input form is at the bottom of the detail photo page

The comment input form is labeled [submit a comment] and can be found on the bottom of the detail photo page. Follow the instructions on the form and type in the necessary entries, then click submit.

※Sometimes the process takes time, so please be patient. Clicking the submit button once will send the comment, please don't click on the submit button repeatedly.

Comments require acknowledgment from the photographers before they are published, so it takes time before the comments are shown on the site. Depending on the nature of the contents, some comments might not be published.

Please feel free to communicate with Ashinari or our photographers.

Read Submitted Comments

Comments are shown next to the comment input form

Submitted comments are shown besides the comment input form.

Photos with new comments are shown on the top page

The top page shows 15 photos with the newest comments, so you can find out who has commented on what photos.

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