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save the photo you want to use

This page explains the process and methods you can use to save a photo from [Ashinari Photo Material].

About the Detail Photo Page

Detail Photo Page

The detail photo page can be found when you click on any photo that can be found on the content page or in the genre list.

You can see the larger version of the photograph and find more information about the photo on the detail photo page.
>>How to save a photo

Related photos are shown here

Related photos are shown below the large photo. Click on it and you will be transferred to that photo's detail page.

You can also check the keywords related to the photo and the on this page.

The name, picture and the link to the photo gallery of the photographer who took the photo is also shown on this page.
>>more about the photo gallery

How to Save a Photo

Click to see the photo in higher resolution

When you click on the [Zoom Up] button located under the large photo, a higher version of the photo with a maximum width or height of 1024 pixels will pop up in a new window. This photo can be saved by right-clicking the photo or drag-and-dropping it onto a new window and saving it from there.

Comment on a Photo

If you would like to submit a comment, please read the instruction here.

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